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Towel Printing

Nov 1

Custom Towel Printing with Logo

A custom towel printing with your logo is a fun and innovative way to make something truly unique. Holden Towels or offer customized towels in large quantities so you can showcase your designs to everyone at a very affordable price.

There are many options for personalized beach towels. These beach towels can be used to promote your business or to give a personalized gift to many people.

You can make your event memorable by handing out personalized beach towels to guests and attendees. Hand out personalized beach towels to your attendees at trade shows to promote your company.

These are also great to add to a bridal gift basket. You can have your family and friends get personalized photo beach towels with your image printed on them. Holden Towels offers a unique and memorable gift: custom towels for the beach.

Fully Customizable

Your beach towels can be customized to meet your specific needs. You can start by choosing the quantity that you need. With minimal minimums, small businesses and events can purchase wholesale beach towels at a price that suits their budget. However, towels that are larger in quantity are usually cheaper.

Then you can choose the color or combination of colors you would like your towel to have. You can customize your wholesale beach towel order by choosing from two, one, or full colors. For companies looking to increase their brand awareness and logo, you can add custom artwork to bulk beach towels. Upload images to the customization process. We also offer free design services if you need help in creating an image you can imprint. You can find our image file recommendations here.

We ensure that your beach towels are exactly what you want. Your company name and logo will be prominently displayed on beach towels with large imprints. There are many options to personalize towels.


Customized beach towels with logos can be very adaptable and used as promotional products. A beach towel with your logo can be a great way to promote your company in a simple and effective manner. A custom towel with a logo is basically a portable billboard!

Imagine your logo and brand printed on beach towels. Imagine how many people will pass your custom-designed, brightly-colored towel with your logo.

These towels are ideal for clubs and hotels that want to show their brand to guests and members.Aquaholic's towel printing offers the best quality beach towels at an affordable price. There are many beach towels to choose from so that you can find the right product for your needs and budget.


If you plan to personalize a product with the brand's logo or image and want people to remember it, make sure it is something they will use in their daily lives. Beach towels make a great promotional item. They are practical and can be used before going to the beach. The towel is displayed so that anyone can admire it while on the beach or swimming.

These bulk towels are not only useful but also high-quality. These towels are made with 100% cotton and some designs with 100 percent Turkish cotton. They will keep you warm and dry, and they are extremely soft. We have a variety of towels to choose from, including light, heavy, and striped, as well as the classic white. We can help you find the perfect one for your clients.

Make Custom Towels Now

Businesses should offer more than a simple thank you gift to their customers. This will help them stand out from the rest. You can make them feel special by giving them a Turkish cotton custom beach towel. Your patrons will spread the word about you company the next time they go to the pool or beach. To stay ahead of your competition in your field, be creative with your marketing.

Gift personalized beach towels to your loved ones as a unique gift. A personalized towel can help you bring back fond memories.

Aquaholic Gifts has been providing our customers with the best custom beach towels for more than 30 years. We want to make a lasting impression on both individuals and businesses. Our custom beach towels are a great way to give your loved ones or to personalize gifts to make a lasting impression.

Aquaholic Gifts has answers for your questions, suggestions and concerns. Contact us today to speak to an Aquaholic customer service representative. We'll help you with all your custom beach towel printing needs. Your patronage is always appreciated. We are grateful that you chose Aquaholic Gifts to be your wholesale manufacturer of beach towels.